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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2011Are patterns important? An investigation of the relationships between proficiencies in patterns, computation, executive functioning, and algebraic word problemsLee, KerryNg, Swee FongBull, RebeccaLee, Madeline PeHo, Ringo
2018Arts-related pedagogies in preschool education: An Asian perspectiveBautista, AlfredoMoreno-Núñez, AnaBull, RebeccaFarina AmsahKoh, Swee-Fuan
2012The cognitive underpinnings of emerging mathematical skills: Executive functioning, patterns, numeracy, and arithmeticLee, KerryNg, Swee FongLee, Madeline PeAng, Su YinMuhammad Nabil Azhar Mohd HasshimBull, Rebecca
2013Developmental changes in executive functioningLee, KerryBull, RebeccaHo, Ringo
2016Developmental changes in working memory, updating, and math achievementLee, KerryBull, Rebecca
Apr-2013Domain specific predictors of maths ability in deaf and hearing childrenBull, Rebecca
Mar-2014Examining kindergarten approximation skills as a predictor of children requiring learning support for mathematicsBull, RebeccaPoon, Kenneth K.Lee, KerryCheah, KimberlyMochtar, Marlyna
Jul-2008Executive functioning and children’s mathematical competence: from kindergarten to early adolescenceLee, KerryNg, Swee FongHo, RingoBull, Rebecca
2014Executive functioning and mathematics achievementBull, RebeccaLee, Kerry
2020Exploring the functional outcomes of children with hearing loss in SingaporeBull, Rebecca
Mar-2014Improving the working memory capacity of children learning support programmes: A comparison of two intervention programmesLee, KerryAng, Su YinBull, RebeccaPoon, Kenneth K.Cheam, Fiona
Apr-2013Improving the working memory capacity of children: A comparison of two intervention programmesLee, KerryAng, Su YinBull, RebeccaPoon, Kenneth K.Cheam, FionaAlethea, Kerk
2018Learning and solving algebra word problems: The roles of relational skills, arithmetic, and executive functioningLee, KerryNg, Swee FongBull, Rebecca
2018Magnitude processing of written number words is influenced by task, rather than notationWong, BeckyBull, RebeccaAnsari, Daniel
2017Preschool teachers’ engagement in professional development: Frequency, perceived usefulness, and relationship with self-efficacy beliefsMúñez, DavidBautista, AlfredoKhiu, EllynKeh, Jun-ShengBull, Rebecca
2019Purposeful play during learning centre time: From curriculum to practiceBautista, AlfredoMalikka Begum Habib MohamedEng, AnthonyBull, Rebecca
2017Rasch modeling of the test of early mathematics ability: Third edition with a sample of K1 children in SingaporeYao, Shih-YingMúñez, DavidBull, RebeccaLee, KerryKhng, Kiat HuiPoon, Kenneth K.
2020“That’s just impossible in my kindergarten.” Advocating for ‘glocal' early childhood curriculum frameworksBautista, AlfredoBull, RebeccaNg, Ee LynnLee, Kerry
Mar-2014Thinking about future intervention for low math achievers: Ideas, discussion, and feedbackCheam, FionaBull, Rebecca
2015Trends in applied cognitive developmentKhng, Kiat HuiAng, Su YinBull, RebeccaLee, Kerry