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Sep-2000The adaptation of the “What is Happening in This Class” (WIHIC) for use in Chinese language classrooms in Singapore secondary schoolsChua, Siew LianWong, Angela F. L.Chen, Der-Thanq
2001Distinguishing between online and face-to-face communities: How technology makes the differenceHung, DavidChen, Der-Thanq
Sep-2000Exploring possibilities of MUSEs in promoting creative thinking and Chinese language learningWong, Yin MeiChen, Der-ThanqHsu, Jing Fong
1998Fostering critical and creative thinking through classroom discourse: the GNOSIS frameworkHung, DavidChen, Der-ThanqCheung, Wing Sum
Nov-1998Not everything should be on the Web: A proposed model for designing instruction for the internetChen, Der-ThanqHsu, Jing Fong
2012Online learning: Trends, potential and challengesLiang, Rose Yee HingChen, Der-Thanq
Nov-1998The PQRS of scaffolding the negotiation of meaningsHung, DavidChen, Der-ThanqCheung, Wing Sum
Nov-1998A review of teaching practicum web-sitesChua, Siew LianChen, Der-ThanqWong, Angela F. L.
Oct-2008School leaders’ learning of diffusion of innovation through agent based modeling: Coupling modeling and simulation process with learners’ interaction with diffusion systemHuang, Jun SongChai, Ching SingChen, Der-Thanq
Dec-1999The shame of buttons: “Button-less” metaphors in CBL designWong, Angela F. L.Chen, Der-ThanqHsu, Jing Fong
Nov-1996Strategic use of computers for constructing effective studies: A pilot studyChen, Ai-YenLooi, Chee-KitChen, Der-ThanqHung, David
2011Unpacking new media literacyChen, Der-ThanqWu, JingWang, Yu-mei
Dec-2001Validation of the Chinese Language Classroom Environment Inventory (CLCEI) for use in Singapore secondary schoolsChua, Siew LianWong, Angela F. L.Chen, Der-Thanq