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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2000Aerobic and anaerobic performances of boysChia, Michael, 1963-
2006Aerobic energy contribution to maximal exercise in childrenChia, Michael, 1963-
2005Allometrically adjusted isokinetic leg extension torque of adults in relation to body massChia, Michael, 1963-
1999Anaerobic fitness of young peopleChia, Michael, 1963-
2014Application of GPS technology to create activity profiles of youth international field hockey players in competitive match-playWylde, Matthew; Low, Chee Yong; Abdul Rashid Aziz; Mukherjee, Swarup; Chia, Michael, 1963-
1997The assessment of children's anaerobic performance using modifications of the Wingate Anaerobic TestChia, Michael, 1963-; Armstrong, Neil; Childs, David
2015Body weight satisfaction and disordered eating among youth who are active in sport in SingaporeChia, Michael, 1963-; Lee, Marcus Beng Chong
Apr-2008Concurrent validity of power output derived from the non-motorised treadmill test in sedentary adultsChia, Michael, 1963-; Lim, Jamie M.
2012Conducting an acute intense interval exercise session during the Ramadan fasting month: What is the optimal time of the day?Abdul Rashid Aziz; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Low, Chee Yong; Slater, Gary John; Png, Weileen; Teh, Kong Chuan
2015Detecting and developing youth athlete potential: Different strokes for different folks are warrantedHaresh T. Suppiah; Low, Chee Yong; Chia, Michael, 1963-
2006Development and determinants of and recovery from all-out intensity exercise in paediatric subjectsChia, Michael, 1963-
2008Effect of fatigue on mass exponents and power in all-out intensity repeated sprints on a non-motorized treadmill in sedentary adultsChia, Michael, 1963-; Lim, Jamie Mervyn
May-2010Effect of Ramadan fasting on maximal bench press strength performance in trained athletesAbdul Rashid Aziz; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Mohamed Faizul Wahid; Png, Weileen; Wong, James T. Y.; Teh, Kong Chuan
May-2010The effectiveness of problem-based learning (PBL) on academic self-confidence and generic skills of graduate students in health-related fitness and wellness in SingaporeChin, Ming Kai; Mok, Magdalena Mo Ching; Balasekaran, G.; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Wong, Patricia
Apr-2008Effects of a 12-week exercise training programme on aerobic fitness, body composition, blood lipids and c-reactive protein in adolescents with obesityWong, Patricia C. H.; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Tsou, Ian Y. Y.; Wansaicheong, Gervais K. L.; Tan, Benedict; Wang, John C. K.; Tan, John Cher Chay; Kim, Chung Gon; Boh, Gerald; Lim, Darren
2011Effects of Ramadan fasting on perceived exercise intensity during high-intensity interval training in elite youth soccer playersAbdul Rashid Aziz; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Rabindarjeet Singh; Mohamed Faizul Wahid
2016Effects of sport-specific training intensity on sleep patterns and psychomotor performance in adolescent athletesHaresh T. Suppiah; Low, Chee Yong; Chia, Michael, 1963-
2015Effects of sports training on sleep characteristics of Asian adolescent athletesHaresh T. Suppiah; Low, Chee Yong; Chia, Michael, 1963-
2008Effects of training status and different treadmill exercises on the activity of complement receptor type 1 of erythrocytesHu, Qichen; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Schmidt, Gordon James, 1954-; Moochhala, Shabbir
2006Evaluation of the lactate pro portable blood lactate analyser involving multiple-tester approachMukherjee, Swarup; Chia, Michael, 1963-