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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Bridging the gap between secondary and primary mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1996A case for fingering in mental arithmeticChong, Tian HooYeap, Lay LengFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1997Children's productive thinking in solving a ratio and proportion problemFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1987Computer activities for teaching mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
Jul-1987Computer-aided diagnosis and remediation in fractionsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1998A constructivism model for helping children solve mathematical problemsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-Hsui, Victoria Y.
Nov-1998Creating creative mathematical resources for class useFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1995Designing questions for diagnosing children's difficulties in mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1982Diagnosis and remediation in mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1988The effectiveness of cooperative and individualistic approaches in teaching mathematics and EnglishChin, Long FayTeh, George Puan LoonFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1981Functions of basic operators in different mathematical systemsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1986How to teach the mathematical concept of variation in secondary mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1994Information processing taxonomy (IPT): An alternative technique for assessing mathematicalFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1996An integrated approach for teaching mathematical problem solvingFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1997Mathematical thinking strategies for solving challenging problemsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1998Mental arithmetic in the teaching of primary mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
2000Novice and senior mathematics teachers: Any differences?Fong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
2000Pre-service preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers in SingaporeChong, Tian HooFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1988Preparing a mathematics achievement testFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-
1998Pupils' competence in primary 4 and primary 6 mathematics assessmentsFong, Ho Kheong, 1948-