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2018Benderamide A, a cyclic depsipeptide from a Singapore collection of marine cyanobacterium cf. Lyngbya sp.Ding, Gary Chi Ying; Ong, Marshall Ji Fa; Goh, Hui Chin; Coffill, Cynthia R.; Tan, Lik Tong 
Jun-2008Development of the Singapore Diagnostic Reading Assessment: Primary 1Koh, Kim Hong; Wang, Feifei; Nhu, Michael; Goh, Hui Chin
2019Draft genome sequence of Bacillus sp. strain 007/aia-02/001, isolated from the marine sponge Coelocarteria singaporensisOng, Marshall Ji Fa; Goh, Hui Chin; Tan, Lik Tong 
Mar-2008Explaining exam anxiety in Singaporean students: the influence of family, pedagogical and individual characteristicsGoh, Hui Chin; Hogan, David; Kang, Trivina 
2018Genomic approach to the biomedical potential and diversity of marine bacteria associated with marine samples from SingaporeGoh, Hui Chin
2019Integrated genomic and metabolomic approach to the discovery of potential anti-quorum sensing natural products from microbes associated with marine samples from SingaporeOng, Marshall Ji Fa; Goh, Hui Chin; Lim, Swee Cheng; Pang, Li Mei; Chin, Joyce Seow Fong; Tan, Koh Siang; Liang, Zhao-Xun; Yang, Liang; Glukhov, Evgenia; Gerwick, William H.; Tan, Lik Tong 
2013Interaction between cognitive and non-cognitive factors: The influences of academic goal orientation and working memory on mathematical performanceLee, Kerry; Ning, Flora; Goh, Hui Chin
2019Trikoramide A, a prenylated cyanobactin from the marine cyanobacterium symploca hydnoidesPhyo, Ma Yadanar; Ding, Gary Chi Ying; Goh, Hui Chin; Goh, Jun Xian; Ong, Ji Fa Marshall; Chan, Siew Herng; Yung, Pui Yi Maria; Candra, Hartono; Tan, Lik Tong 
2010Working memory, academic goal orientation, and Mathematics performanceGoh, Hui Chin