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2014Design for scalability: From a class intervention to a level interventionLooi, Chee-KitSeow, Peter Sen KeeChia, GeanKim, Mi SongWong, Lung HsiangSun, Daner
2010Distributed emotions in the design of learning technologiesKim, BeaumieKim, Mi Song
2012Enriching multimodality in learning: Integrating computer modeling to support a learner generated topicKim, Mi SongLee, Wei ChingYe, XiaoxuanKim, Beaumie
2013An evaluation of design and enactment of smartphone-enabled primary science curriculumWu, LongkaiLooi, Chee-KitSeow, Peter Sen KeeKim, Mi Song
2011Extrapolating from students’ preconception to “scientific” consensus: Singapore secondary students’ conversation on earthWang, XueliKim, BeaumieKim, Mi Song
Jul-2012Finding voices and emerging agency in classroom learningLee, Tuck LeongKim, BeaumieKim, Mi SongLee, Jason Wen Yau
2009Idea of ‘heat’ and students’ understanding of earth phenomenaWang, XueliKim, BeaumieKim, Mi Song
2020A knowledge building approach to primary science collaborative inquiry supported by learning analyticsOng, Aloysius Kian-KeongTeo, Chew LeeTan, SamuelKim, Mi Song
Jul-2012Learners as informants of educational game designKim, BeaumieTan, LyndeKim, Mi Song
Jul-2011Learners' ideas about plate tectonics and collaborative game playKim, BeaumieWang, XueliKim, Mi Song
Jan-2011Learning across contexts: How students regulate their learning in an informal contextLim, Seo HongHung, DavidKim, Mi SongAzilawati JamaludinLee, Shu-Shing
2020Playing and learning with dinosaurs in and out of school boundaries: Games, discourse, shared spaces for Earth science educationKim, BeaumieKim, Mi SongLee, Tuck LeongLee, Jason Wen YauHo, Wing
2013Transforming the learning difficulties to teaching momentsKim, Mi SongYe, Xiaoxuan
2010Understanding Korean children’s L2 dialogue journals: Towards a model of creative apprenticeship for integrating teaching and learningKim, Mi Song
Nov-2011Why we should design educational games with learners: The affordances of informant designKim, BeaumieTan, LyndeKim, Mi Song