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2016High quality hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin films with enhanced growth rates for surface passivation in an Al2O3 based ICP reactorLim, Mark Jian WeiChan, Chia SernXu, LuxiangOng, T. M.Huang, ShiyongWei, DeyuanGuo, YingnanXu, Shuyan
2018Lightning under water: Diverse reactive environments and evidence of synergistic effects for material treatment and activationLevchenko, IgorBazaka, KaterynaBaranov, OlegSankaran, R. MohanNomine, AlexandreBelmonte, ThierryXu, Shuyan
2018Precise calibration of propellant flow and forces in specialized electric propulsion test systemLim, Mark Jian WeiHuang, ShiyongSun, Yu-FeiLu, LuxiangSim, Roysmond Zhen WeiYee, Jen SiongZhang, ZhonglinLevchenko, IgorXu, Shuyan
2016Scalable production of silicon nanocone solar cells in integrated plasma photovoltaic nanofabrication clusterHuang, ShiyongLim, Mark Jian WeiChan, Chia SernXu, ShuyanWei, DeyuanGuo, YingnanXu, LuxiangOstrikov, Kostya (Ken)
2010Structural, electronic, and optical properties of wurtzite and rocksalt InN under pressureDuan, Man-YiHe, LinXu, MingXu, Ming-YaoXu, ShuyanOstrikov, Kostya (Ken)
1998Teaching physics using an IT toolXu, Shuyan
2016Ultra-low reflective silicon surfaces for photovoltaic applicationsLim, Mark Jian WeiHuang, ShiyongChan, Chia SernXu, ShuyanWei, DeyuanGuo, YingnanXu, LuxiangOstrikov, Kostya (Ken)