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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Facebook compulsion : the relationship between Singaporean adolescents' Facebook use and self-regulationRafizah Begum Mohamed Sabir
2015Facebook usage, needs satisfaction and mental healthTan, Cheng Kim
 2021Facet controlled anisotropic magnons in Y3Fe5O12 thin filmsRohit Medwal; Angshuman Deka; Vas, Joseph Vimal; Duchamp, Martial; Hironori, Asada; Surbhi Gupta; Yasuhiro, Fukuma; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
1996Facilitating active learning in small groups : tutorial strategies and assessment methodsZhu, Weiguang
2017Facilitating boundary crossing for interdisciplinary research collaborationHuang, David Junsong 
1998Facilitating deep and active learning in E467 : lecture, tutorial and assessment strategiesWang, Jianliang
2012Facilitating development of design efficacy among Singaporean in-service teachers through TPACKChai, Boon Yen; Chai, Ching Sing; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Chua, Meng Joo; Tan, Bee Tin; Looi, Jeffrey Wei Zhang
2014Facilitating dialog in the game-based learning classroom: Teacher challenges reconstructing professional identityChee, Yam San; Mehrotra, Swati; Ong, Jing Chuan
2022Facilitating flow in band: Learning with joy in the 21st centuryTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur ; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Chian, Zason Lit Khoon ; Leong, Wei Shin; Ee, Rachel; Chew, Winnie
2021Facilitating HBL: Ideas and principlesChia, Alexius Ti Yong 
2012Facilitating high school students’ sophisticated argumentation about nature of science (NOS)Deng, Feng
2005Facilitating inter-collaborations in the learning sciencesHung, David ; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Tan, Leo Wee Hin
2021Facilitating positive youth development through youth sport : the role of motivational climates and adult social agents in secondary school sport teamsLim, Regina Si Hui
2003Facilitating science investigations: some suggestions for the teacherChin, Christine
Dec-2001Facilitating sense-making in primary mathematics through word problemsYeap, Ban Har; Melati Abdul Ghani
2021Facilitating students' generation of suitable questions in ill-structured problem-solving contextsChia, Choon Yee
2012Facilitating students‟ development of their views on nature of science: a knowledge building approachGoh, Amos Yoong Shin
1994Facilitating the acquisition of standard English spelling by transitional spellers: a case studySeow, Anthony
2016Facilitation for professional learning community conversations in SingaporeHairon Salleh 
2015Facilitators of inclusion in Singapore primary schoolsLo, Fiane Ying Han