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Lim Siew-Lee, Shirley
Lim, Shirley S. L.
Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)

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12022Coexistence of juvenile with adult Ocypode gaudichaudii at Culebra Beach, Panama: A temporal-spatial partitioning compromiseYong, Adeline Yean Pin; Lim, Shirley S. L. 
22000Designing learning and instructional strategies to enliven biology modulesLim, Shirley S. L. 
32021Ecomorphological adaptations of second maxilliped-setation: Insights from three species of fiddler crabs from PanamaLim, Shirley S. L. ; Goh, Sarah J. A.
4Sep-1993Importance of biology in environmental educationLee, Sing-Kong; Tan, Leo Wee Hin; Lim, Shirley S. L. 
52005Influence of biotope characteristics on the distribution of Uca annulipes (H. Milne Edwards, 1837) and U-vocans (Linnaeus, 1758) (Crustacea: Brachyura: Ocypodidae) on Pulau Hantu Besar, SingaporeLim, Shirley S. L. ; Lee, P. S.; Diong, Cheong Hoong
62012Knowing inquiry as practice and theory: Developing a pedagogical framework with elementary school teachersPoon, Chew Leng; Lee, Yew-Jin ; Tan, Aik-Ling ; Lim, Shirley S. L. 
72022Larder hoarding versus immediate in situ food consumption in two fiddler crab species: Is it an evolutionarily stable strategy?Lim, Shirley S. L. ; Danial Mazlan; Toh, Clarence Kai Wei
8Dec-1999Multiple perspectives on meeting the challenges of PBL in the scientific disciplinesSpringham, Stuart Victor ; Chia, Tet Fatt; Lim, Shirley S. L. ; Cheang, G. H. L.; Chen, Ai-Yen
9Nov-1996On the development of an IT-enhanced environmental science moduleYan, Yaw Kai ; Lim, Shirley S. L. ; Khoo, Guan Seng; Wong, Angela F. L.
102021Plasticity of foraging strategies adopted by the painted ghost crab, Ocypode gaudichaudii, in response to in situ food resource manipulation experimentsYong, Adeline Yean Pin; Lim, Shirley S. L. 
112015Rapid population recovery of Ocypode ceratophthalmus (Pallas, 1772) (Crustacea: Brachyura: Ocypodidae) after an oil spill in SingaporeLim, Shirley S. L. ; Yong, Adeline Yean Pin
122017The relevance of biological knowledge for citizenship: A Singapore perspectiveLim, Norman (Norman T-Lon) ; Tan, Aik-Ling ; Lim, Shirley S. L. ; Teng, P. S.
131998Taxonomic review and morphometric description of Bronchocela cristatella (Kuhl, 1820)(Squamata: Agamidae) with notes on other species in the genusDiong, Cheong Hoong; Lim, Shirley S. L. 
142015Towards more meaningful science inquiry for primary pupilsTan, Aik-Ling ; Talaue, Frederick; Lim, Shirley S. L. 
152009Vertical zonation and heat tolerance of three littorinid gastropods on a rocky shore at Tanjung Chek Jawa, SingaporeLee, Su Li; Lim, Shirley S. L.