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Title: Classroom research as teacher-researcher
Authors: Leong, Yew Hoong
Chick, Helen L.
Moss, Julianne
Keywords: Teacher-researcher
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Leong, Y. H., Chick, H. L., & Moss, J. (2007). Classroom research as teacher-researcher. The Mathematics Educator, 10(2),3-26.
Abstract: In the field of education, research projects that involve both the researcher and teacher being the same person are common today, as attested by the significant number of teacher-researcher studies. One issue confronting the dual role of teacher-researcher is the nature of interaction between the underlying goals that come with each of these roles. There are some researchers who express concern that the combination of these goals within the teacher-researcher may compromise either or both of the work of teaching and research in an unproductive way. This paper is an account of my' adventure in attempting to fulfil both teaching and research goals in my work as teacher-researcher in a year 7 (Secondary One)geometry class in Singapore. My experience is then re-interpreted in the context of the ongoing conflicting-versus-complementary talk on the interaction between teacher/researcher'selves'. A model is proposed to account for the seemingly opposite sides of the camp as reported in the literature on this issue.
ISSN: 0218-9100
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