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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Creating a school image by using marketing strategies to change its public opinionToh, Edward Paul Boon How
2003Determining climate in a new primary schoolRohani Ahmad
2002Effectiveness of Primary 2 Learning Support Programme (English) in a neighbourhood primary school in SingaporeAng, Meng Koh
2004Effectiveness of the learning support programme in a primary schoolYang, Tommy Peck Chiong
1999The effects of a motivational training programme on the attitude, skills and achievement of underachieving primary five pupilsGoh, Kelvin Kek Keong
2004Establishing an atmosphere of trust between partners in a coaching relationshipLing, Kay Bin
2000Evaluation of the National Education programme in a secondary schoolTan-Wee, Irene Le Nyuk
2003An evaluation study on the effectiveness of the architectural technology program in the Singapore PolytechnicChan, Choy Ling
2005An exploration into the desirable characteristic of the ITE lecturersTan, Chun Kuang
2006An exploratory study of parental involvement at homeKee, Bee Lian
2004Factors affecting nurses' motivation in a national healthcare instituteTan, Gek Lee
2004Factors contributing to job satisfaction of PRC Chinese language teachers in Singapore schoolsLam, Chow Siong
2001Factors contributing to teachers' motivationLee, Hwee Ping
1999Heads of Department (HODs) as facilitative leadersWee, Pat Ghee
2002The impact of school culture on student aspirationsSong, Peggy
1998The impact of teachers on the development of moral integrityJayamalar Ayadurai
1999Implementation of peer coaching in a secondary school to enhance teacher developmentYeoh, Joan Pek Neo
2002An inquiry into the necessary conditions for teachers to cope with stress related to changeLim, Cecilia Seok Cheng
2014An investigation of factors affecting Korean parents’ and students’ school choice perceptionsOh, Ji Hye
1998An investigative study of students' attitudes toward computers at Yio Chu Kang Secondary SchoolKatijah Mohd Nathar