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Use of Tamil language and IT in Tamil language education
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Paper presented at the 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, Singapore, 1 - 3 June 2009
'There is a compulsion, not option to use technology', said Raveendran N., President of the Computer Society of India. (The Hindu Newspaper 2008). He stressed that barriers including language should be
circumvented to make technology available to all. The use of computer technology enhances the
knowledge and resources of the Tamil language. National Institute of Education and Ministry of
Education in Singapore are continuously harnessing effective Information Technology in Teaching and
Learning in Singapore Schools. Tamil Language Education is not an exception for it. Naa Go Tamil
Language Information Technology competition was one of the process to develop the IT and Language
skills among the Singapore Primary School Tamil Students and Tamil teacher trainees. 50 Primary
schools and Diploma in Education Year 2 teacher trainees took part in this competition which
capitalized on their skills.
From the palm leaves in the olden age when Tamil words were written more than 2500 years ago to
the age of computers and internet has made Tamil a living language. Among all the Indian Languages,
Tamil has already made a considerable presence on the internet.
Naa Govindasamy was known as "The Father of Tamil Internet". In view of all his noteworthy
contributions towards Tamil Language and the Tamil community, the Naa Govindasamy Tamil IT
Award was inaugurated to inspire our young generation to engage in the development, use and
promotion of Tamil IT. The National Institute of Education (Tamil Language & Culture Division) and
Tamil Murasu, a local Tamil newspaper, jointly organized the Naa Govindasamy Tamil IT Award
Competition at the national level to all Primary schools offering Tamil language and Tamil teacher
trainees from NIE. This paper shares the process, the experience and the outcomes in terms of IT and
language skills among the students and teacher trainees.
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