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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2006Critical literacy in Singapore social studies: 'weaving the fabric of a nation'Churchill, Karina
Sep-2006A critical review of the Tamil language syllabus and recommendations for syllabus revisionsSeetha Lakshmi ; Vaish, Viniti ; Gopinathan, Saravanan; Saravanan, Vanithamani
May-2006Cross-sectional assessment of linguistic development in the English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil languagesNorhaida Aman; Kotov, Roman
Apr-2005CRPP core research program: Year one progress reportLuke, Allan; Hogan, David; Gopinathan, Saravanan; Freebody, Peter; Cazden, Courtney; Koh, Kim Hong; Liau, Albert; Lau, Shun; Kang, Trivina; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese
May-2007CRPP core research program: Year three progress reportMcInerney, D. M. (Dennis M.); Liem, Gregory Arief D. 
Apr-2006CRPP core research program: Year two progress reportHogan, David; Luke, Allan; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese; Lau, Shun; Liau, Albert; Koh, Kim Hong; Kang, Trivina; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim; Kwek, Dennis Beng Kiat
2020Cultivating laterality in learning communities in Singapore education system: Scaling of innovation through networked learning communityHuang, David Junsong ; Hung, David ; Kwan, Yew Meng; Lim, Fei Victor ; Imran Shaari; Cheah, Yin Hong
Apr-2006Cultural capital and academic achievement: How does "high culture" matter in Singapore?Kang, Trivina ; Hogan, David
2008Cultural capital and family involvement in children’s literacy learningMukhlis Abu Bakar 
Dec-2006Curricular coherence in the teaching of literature at the upper secondary levelsPoon, Angelia 
2020Curricular-instructional gatekeeping in Singapore: How teachers enact social studies and give purpose to citizenship educationSim, Jasmine Boon-Yee 
2011Curriculum implementation in early primary schooling in Singapore (CIEPSS)Silver, Rita ; Wright, Susan (Susan Kay); Siti Azlinda Amasha; Roksana Bibi Abdullah ; Curdt-Christiansen, Xiao Lan; Seetha Lakshmi ; Yang, Yanning; Yeo, Joseph Kai Kow; Pak, Seunghee
2010Curriculum Implementation in Early Primary Schooling in Singapore (CIEPSS) : coding scheme manualSilver, Rita ; Pak, Seunghee; Kogut, Galyna
2020Curriculum innovation and the nurturing of twenty-first century learnersTan, Liang See; Lee, Shu-Shing ; Koh, Elizabeth ; Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy ; Tan, Keith Chiu Kian; Koh, Kar Boon; Quek, Chwee Geok; Liew, Poh Yin; Tan, Ban Huat
2020Curriculum perspectives and leadership in innovations for the nurturing of 21st century learnersTan, Liang See; Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy ; Koh, Elizabeth ; Lee, Shu-Shing ; Quek, Chwee Geok; Khong, Beng Choo; Koh, Kar Boon; Tan, Keith Chiu Kian
Mar-2006Dancing proud dancing strong: The phenomena of youth dance and dancing youth in Australia and SingaporeBurridge, Stephanie
2005Dataloggers and inquiry scienceTan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Hedberg, John G.; Koh, Thiam Seng; Seah, Whye Choo
Jul-2005Datalogging: a unique affordance unrealized?Tan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Hedberg, John G.; Koh, Thiam Seng; Seah, Whye Choo
2004Defining a research agenda for geographical learning tasks with the G-portal digital libraryHedberg, John G.; Chang, Chew Hung ; Lim, Ee Peng; Sun, Aixin; Teh, Tiong Sa; Goh, Dion Hoe Lian; Theng, Yin Leng
Feb-2006Describing and improving the teaching of reading in Singapore primary schoolsWong, Ruth