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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010Using a multi-dimensional approach to understanding to assess primary students' mathematical knowledgeThompson, Denisse R.; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Bleiler, Sarah K.
Dec-1999Using a Rasch model to analyse parallel forms of two achievement tests on biologyChew, Lee Chin 
1986Using abridged literature texts in secondary 1-3 - can it be justified?Yeo, Robert
2011Using an advanced graphing calculator in the teaching and learning of calculusNg, Wee Leng 
Dec-2003Using an e-learning platform to craft NE project tasksQuek, Choon Lang ; Divaharan, Shanti ; Wong, Angela F. L.
Dec-2008Using anchored instruction to teach pre-service teachers to integrate technology into primary science educationNoraini Abbas
2021Using animated and video contents in teaching: An introduction to the statistics & theory Youtube channelAryadoust, Vahid 
1997Using assessment of project work to teach thinkingMau, Rosalind Y.
2006Using asynchronous online discussions in primary school project workAzilawati Jamaludin ; Quek, Choon Lang 
2020Using Augmented Reality (AR) to help students learn about climate changeChang, Chew Hung 
2021Using Brain-BreaksĀ® as a technology tool to increase attitude towards physical activity among students in SingaporeBalasekaran, Govindasamy ; Ahmad Arif Ibrahim; Ng, Yew Cheo; Phua, Kia Wang; Kuan, Garry; Popeska, Biljana; Chin, Ming-Kai; Mok, Magdalena Mo Ching; Edginton, Christopher R.; Culpan, Ian; Durstine, J. Larry
1995Using calculators to develop mental arithmetic skillsRamakrishnan Menon
2001Using choral responding when learning to spellRose, Merryn; Rose, Dennis
Nov-1995Using classical and the rasch model to analyse an English version of the Malay language critical reading testKamsiah Abdullah; Lim, Tock Keng
2014Using collaborative real life action games to increase motivation of learning chemistry in studentsNeo, Xueli; Liu, Nicholas; Wang, Samantha; Tan, Eliza; Low, Wei Chuan
Jul-2017Using comics in teaching mathematicsToh, Tin Lam ; Ho, Siew Yin; Cheng, Lu Pien ; Jiang, Heng ; Lim, Kam Ming 
2022Using comics to contextualise the teaching of percentages: An adaptation of a comics-based teaching package for primary school mathematics classroomsToh, Tin Lam ; Cheng, Lu Pien 
2020Using comics to engage students in meaningful learningCheng, Lu Pien ; Toh, Tin Lam ; Lim, Lee Hean ; Lim, Kam Ming 
2022Using computer vision and machine learning with a view to building children's vocabularyLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Kaushal Rajesh; Pek, Alastair
May-2006Using computer-based modelling for primary science learning and assessmentZhang, Baohui; Wong, Lung Hsiang ; Chew, Lee Chin ; Jacobson, Michael J.; Looi, Chee-Kit