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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Facilitating boundary crossing for interdisciplinary research collaborationHuang, Jun Song
2012Facilitating development of design efficacy among Singaporean in-service teachers through TPACKChai, Boon YenChai, Ching SingKoh, Joyce Hwee LingChua, Meng JooTan, Bee TinLooi, Jeffrey Wei Zhang
2014Facilitating dialog in the game-based learning classroom: Teacher challenges reconstructing professional identityChee, Yam SanMehrotra, SwatiOng, Jing Chuan
2005Facilitating inter-collaborations in the learning sciencesHung, DavidLooi, Chee-KitTan, Leo Wee Hin, 1944-
2003Facilitating science investigations: some suggestions for the teacherChin, Christine
Dec-2001Facilitating sense-making in primary mathematics through word problemsYeap, Ban HarMelati Abdul Ghani
1994Facilitating the acquisition of standard English spelling by transitional spellers: a case studySeow, Anthony
2016Facilitation for professional learning community conversations in SingaporeHairon Salleh
Nov-1983Factor-based measurement of teacher attitudes: A secondary analysisSoh, Kay Cheng
1994Factorial validity of the occupational stress indicatorLim, Tock Keng
Mar-2012Factors affecting primary science teachers’ enactment of formative assessment: Reality and professional decision makingTan, Poh HiangTan, Aik-Ling
Dec-2005Factors influencing adolescents engagement in risky internet behaviorLiau, Albert, 1972-Khoo, AngelineAng, Peng Hwa
May-1992Factors influencing science learning outcomes for 14-year-old Singaporean studentsFoong, Yoke YeenSchultz, KlausFisher, GeneKonicek, Richard
Jun-1994Factors limiting compressions: Application to the radiative plasma focusLee, Sing
2001Factors related to primary six pupils' achievement goal orientations and their implications for teachingLourdusamy, A.
Sep-1993Factors that influence the classroom environmentWright, Steven Charles
2006Factors that influence the integration of information and communications technology into the classroom: Pre-service mathematics teachers' perceptionsNg, Wee Leng
Jun-2009Failures and successes in collaborative inquiry: Learning the physics of electricity with agent-based modelsPathak, Suneeta AnilKim, BeaumieJacobson, Michael J.Zhang, Baohui
2017Falls, cognitive function, and balance profiles of Singapore communitydwelling elderly Individuals: Key risk factorsWoo, Mei TengDavids, KeithLiukkonen, JarmoChow, Jia YiJaakkola, Timo
Nov-1987False metaphors in pre-service language teacher educationSeet, Oliver Beng Hean