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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Ultra-low reflective silicon surfaces for photovoltaic applicationsLim, Mark Jian Wei; Huang, Shiyong; Chan, Chia Sern; Xu, Shuyan ; Wei, Deyuan; Guo, Yingnan; Xu, Luxiang; Ostrikov, Kostya (Ken)
2021Ultrafast photo-thermal switching of terahertz spin currentsPiyush Agarwal; Rohit Medwal; Abhishek Kumar; Hironori, Asada; Yasuhiro, Fukuma; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Marco, Battiato; Ranjan Singh
 2022(Un)learning theatre through stories of growing up: Difference and multiplicity in SingaporeRajendran, Charlene 
2009Uncertainty relation of mixed states by means of Wigner-Yanase-Dyson informationLi, D.; Li, X.; Wang, F.; Huang, H.; Kwek, Leong Chuan 
Nov-2008Unconjugated verb use in Singapore classroom discourse: A corpus-based analysisNiu, Guiling; Doyle, Paul (Paul Grahame); Hui, Chenri
2007Unconventional geometric quantum computation in a two-mode cavityWu, Chunfeng; Wang, Zisheng; Feng, Xun-Li; Goan, Hsi-Sheng; Kwek, Leong Chuan ; Lai, C. H.; Oh, Choo Hiap
2014Uncovering Singapore teachers’ motivation to participate in professional development activitiesChang, Chew Hung ; Teng, Paul Piang Siong; Tan, Aik-Ling ; Joiko, Sara; Chan, Yew Wooi; Poh, Mun See
2014Uncovering the nexus between scientific discourse and school geography in Singapore students’ understanding of climate changeChang, Chew Hung ; Pascua, Liberty
2014Undergraduates’ attitudes toward science and their epistemological beliefs: Positive effects of certainty and authority beliefsFulmer, Gavin William
2000Understanding and dealing with asthma in young peopleChia, Michael 
2018Understanding and developing in-service teachers’ perceptions towards teaching in computational thinking: Two studiesWu, Longkai; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Liu, Liu; How, Meng Leong
2002Understanding and overcoming pupils' learning difficulties in mathematicsEe, Jessie; Wong, Khoon Yoong
1996Understanding creativity from a diversified perspectiveTan, Ai-Girl 
2016Understanding creativity in East Asia: Insights from Confucius' concept of junziTan, Charlene
1987Understanding disabled peopleSharpe, Pamela
2011Understanding discrepancies in rater judgement on national-level oral examination tasksAng-Aw, Hui Teng; Goh, Christine Chuen Meng 
Jun-2008Understanding elementary students’ emergent dialogical argumentation in scienceFoo, Seau Yoon; Looi, Chee-Kit 
2016Understanding geographies of water accessibility in HyderabadDas, Diganta ; Loon, Jia Hui Bernice; Rao, A. N.; Subbarao, G. N.
1998Understanding how children think: A theory of mind perspectiveTan-Niam, Carolyn
2002Understanding how thriving internet quasi-communities work: Distinguishing between learning about and learning to beHung, David ; Chen, Der-Thanq