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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A 160 kJ dual plasma focus (DuPF) for fusion-relevant materials testing and nano-materials fabricationSaw, Sor Heoh; Damideh, Vahid; Chong, Perk Lin; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Sing
2021A 1D–3D interconnected δ-MnO2 nanowires network as high-performance and high energy efficiency cathode material for aqueous zinc-ion batteriesLiu, Dao-Sheng; Mai, Yinglin; Chen, Shufeng; Liu, Sucheng; Ang, Edison Huixiang ; Ye, Minghui; Yang, Yang; Zhang, Yufei; Geng, Hongbo; Li, Cheng Chao
2020The 2019 Brumadinho tailings dam collapse: Possible cause and impacts of the worst human and environmental disaster in BrazilRotta, Luz Henrique Silva; Alcantara, Enner; Park, Edward ; Negri, Rogerio Galante; Lin, Nina Yunung; Bernardo, Nariane; Mendes, Tatiana Sussel Goncalves
1992The 5M route to bilingualismSoh, Kay Cheng
2010Absolute measurements of fast neutrons using yttriumRoshan, M. V.; Springham, Stuart Victor ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Krishnan, M.
2015Absolute stereochemistry of the β-hydroxy acid unit in hantupeptins and trungapeptinsDeepak Kumar Gupta; Chi, Gary Ying Ding; Teo, Yong Chua; Tan, Lik Tong
2012The abyss observatory designing for remote collaboration, self-directed discovery and intuition development in multi-user interactive 3D virtual environmentsNishimura, Hajime; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck; Koyamada, Koji
2019Academic performance and assessmentLiem, Gregory Arief D. 
2020Academic self-efficacy, task importance and interest: Relations with English language learning in an Asian contextBai, Barry; Nie, Youyan ; Lee, Ai Noi
2021Accounting for the SES-math achievement gap at school entry: Unique mediation paths via executive functioning and behavioral self-regulationNg, Ee Lynn; Bull, Rebecca; Khng, Kiat Hui
2010Achievement goals, implicit theories and behavioral regulation among polytechnic engineering studentsWang, John Chee Keng ; Liu, Woon Chia ; Chye, Stefanie Yen Leng 
2016Achievement motivation for band: A cross-cultural examination of the 2 × 2 achievement goal motivation frameworkMiksza, Peter; Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur ; Dye, Christopher
2021Acquiring expertise in precision sport: What can we learn from an elite snooker player?Kong, Pui Wah ; Pan, Jing Wen; Chu, Danny P. K.; Cheung, Pak Ming; Lau, Patrick Wing Chung
2014Acquisition of request modifiers in Vietnamese as a second languageNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh; Ho, Gia Anh Le
2017Action research in Singapore: Where are we now?Hairon Salleh 
2017Action research on the effect of descriptive and evaluative feedback order on student learning in a specialized mathematics and science secondary schoolChua, Hooi Ling; Lee, Sheau Huey; Fulmer, Gavin William
2001Activity theory as a framework for analyzing CBT and e-learning environmentsPang, Peggy; Hung, David
2000Activity theory as a framework for project work in learning environmentsHung, David; Wong, Angela F. L.
2021Acute effects of Square Stepping Exercise on cognitive and social functions in sedentary young adults: A home-based online trialKawabata, Masato ; Gan, Su Ren; Goh, Gint; Siti Aisha Omar; Oh, Ivan Teng Fong; Wee, Wan Qi; Okura, Tomohiro
2017Adapting and validating a developmental assessment for Chinese infants and toddlers: The ages and stages questionnaires: InventoryXie, Huichao ; Clifford, Jantina; Squires, Jane; Chen, Chieh-Yu; Bian, Xiaoyan; Yu, Qian