Author Yeo-Chong, Soon Geok
Title Factors influecing the choice of traditional and nontraditional careers of secondary four girls.
Institute Thesis (M.Ed.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Year 1994
Supervisor Tan, Esther
Call no. HF5382.5.S5 Yeo
This study was conducted to investigate the factors influencing the choice of Traditional and Nontraditional careers of Secondary Four girls in Singapore. A Job Preference Inventory which consists of General Information Questionnaire, Career Attitude Checklist and Career Profile Inventory was administered to 480 pupils in five single-sex schools. The survey instrument solicited information concerning job preferences, attitudes, work values, personality type, socioeconomic status, parents' influence, home factors and school factors.

Of these surveyed, 60.8% had Nontraditional job preferences and 39.2% chose Traditional jobs. Data indicated that the Nontraditional group had higher educational aspirations, higher socioeconomic status and greater encouragement from father to venture into Nontraditional careers. Hence the background factors which facilitate women's career development include a working mother, supportive father, highly educated parents and female role models, along with an androgynous upbringing. The individual factors include an androgynous personality, high self-esteem and liberated sex-role values.