Author Soo, Wai Man
Title A study on the effects of an online courseware on polytechnic students' creative problem solving dispositions and performance.
Institute Thesis (Ph.D.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Year 2003
Supervisor Chen, Ai Yen ; Williams, Michael Dale
Call no. LB1044.87 Soo
This study investigated the effects of an online courseware delivered via a web-based instructional system, on polytechnic students' dispositions of thinking, problem-solving, and contextual application. The investigator used a pre-experimental design with a one-group pretest-posttest research design in the study. The online courseware provided instructions on how to use divergent and convergent thinking tools and problem-solving processes. Structured online activities were designed for students to practice and apply CPS tools and processes across problem cases. A CPS questionnaire specially designed and developed for this study was used to collect data for quantitative analysis with SPSS. Archives of online discussions provided for qualitative analysis with QSR NU*DIST.

The study showed that the online courseware made a positive impact on polytechnic students' dispositions in thinking, problem-solving, and contextual application. The investigator concluded that the online courseware was consistent in eliciting fluency, flexibility, and elaboration of ideas from the polytechnic students. However, there was a lack of originality of ideas.

Arising from this results, recommendations were made for further research into the effects of the online courseware on students' thinking, problem-solving, contextual application, and creative performance.