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Sedentary subjects
All-out intensity exercise
Allometric scaling
Exercise fatigue
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Chia, M., & Lim, J. M. (2008). Effect of fatigue on mass exponents and power in all-out intensity repeated sprints on a non-motorized treadmill in sedentary adults. Asian Journal of Exercise and Sports Science, 5(1), 17-22.
Repeated sprint exertions are common in team sports and more sedentary adults are pursuing team sports on a recreational basis. The values of the mass exponents in allometric scaling of functional exercise capacities are fundamental to the accurate interpretation of changes in physiologic parameters during exercise, with exercise training. Apparently, the effect of fatigue on allometrically-derived mass exponents in relation to power output generated during all-out intensity repeated sprints in sedentary adults is not understood. The aim of the study was to establish if acute exercise fatigue
caused by repeated sprint efforts affected the value of the derived b or mass exponent in allometric scaling of power in sedentary adult subjects. Twenty male and female sedentary adult subjects performed four 10-s all-out intensity sprints on a non-motorized treadmill (NMT), on three separate sessions with the rest intervals between each sprint at 60-s, 90-s or 120-s, respectively. A dual energy X-ray absorptiometric (DXA)-determined lower limb muscle mass (LLMM) was the best body size descriptor for 1-s peak power (PP), derived from the NMT. Results showed that the b exponents in relation to PP were altered (range 0.87-1.58) in repeated sprints that were separated by different rest intervals. It was necessary to establish beyond sample-specific mass exponents, a trial-specific mass exponents in the allometric scaling of all-out
intensity repeated sprints in sedentary adult subjects, for appropriate comparisons in NMT-derived PP that was sizeindependent and dimensionless.
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