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Research Brief;13-001
Inadequate hydration before, during and after exercise puts the safety and well-being of Singaporean youths at risk especially when sports training and Physical Education (PE) lessons are conducted outdoors, under the hot and humid weather conditions of Singapore. The study examined the exercise knowledge of youth athletes in Singapore schools: 586 youth athletes from four primary schools, four secondary schools and one junior college. All participants completed a validated exercise hydration knowledge quiz that was developed based upon the consensus statements and position stands of two international sports associations. An average knowledge score of 44.7±14.0% (range 0–87.1%) was obtained, which was significantly below the minimum competence score of 80%. Post-exercise hydration knowledge was lacking when compared to pre-exercise and during-exercise hydration knowledge. Overall, exercise hydration knowledge gaps were identified, in particular for post-exercise hydration; still the majority of participants from all schooling levels did not attain the competence score of at least 80%. Coach education and PE training programmes should specifically target and ameliorate these knowledge deficiencies to empower youth athletes to take personal responsibility for their safe participation and training in sports.
This brief was based on the project OER 22/10 MC: Hydration and Fluid Replacement Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours in Heat-Acclimatized Singaporean Youths.
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