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Title: Performance of primary 4 students at performance based assessment tasks
Authors: Ang, Kok Cheng
Boo, Hong Kwen
Toh, Kok Aun
Issue Date: Nov-2003
Citation: Ang, K. C., Boo, H. K., & Toh, K. A. (2003). Performance of primary 4 students at performance based assessment tasks. In Research in and on the classroom: ERAS Conference 2003 Proceedings (pp. 369-382). Singapore: Educational Research Association of Singapore.
Abstract: To date, little is known about our pupils’ ability in applying mathematical concepts to solving real-world hands-on problems – an essential individual survival skill in the 21st century. With the mode of assessment remaining largely unchanged over the last decade, a teacher’s perception of his/her pupils’ ‘ability to do’ relies much on the traditional pen-and-paper test which may not be holistic in assessing the application skills of the individual. This paper reports on a study which was aimed at finding out pupils’ strengths and weaknesses in approaching hands-on problems in mathematics. Such information could be useful in helping classroom teachers to customise their lessons in a way that would enhance pupil learning and problem-solving. Five-hundredand-four students (N=504) from 14 intact classes of five mainstream primary schools took part in the study. Five mathematics-related performance assessment tasks replicated from the TIMSS-95 Performance Assessment sub-study were used as the main instrument for data collection and the
results analysed and reported.
Description: This paper was published in the Proceedings of ERAS Conference held in Singapore from 19-21 November 2003
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