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An analysis of two textbooks on the topic of intermolecular forces
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Tan, D. K. C., & Chan, K. S. (2004, April). An analysis of two textbooks on the topic of intermolecular forces. Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, 5(1), Article 3.
This paper describes the analysis of two commonly used high school (Grades 11 and 12) chemistry textbooks in Singapore to determine if the content presented in the topic of intermolecular forces is consistent with the concepts and propositional knowledge identified by the authors as essential for the learning and understanding of the topic according to the Singapore high school chemistry syllabus. The authors found that the two textbooks did not adequately discuss the electrostatic nature of intermolecular
forces, and the factors influencing the polarity of bonds/molecules, hydrogen bonding
and instantaneous dipole-induced dipole interactions. The insufficient coverage of the
above areas may lead to students having alternative conceptions of intermolecular
forces as they may have incomplete or little understanding of the concepts involved
and relationships between these concepts. Thus, teachers need to analyse textbooks carefully before using the textbooks so that they can be more aware of the difficulties that students may face when reading the textbooks, and attend to these areas by careful elaboration and integration of concepts in their lessons.
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