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Challenges in the material and structural design of zinc anode towards high-performance aqueous zinc-ion batteries
Aqueous zinc ion batteries
Zinc anode
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Du, W., Ang, E. H., Yang, Y., Zhang, Y., Ye, M., & Li, C. (2020). Challenges in material and structure design of zinc anode toward high-performance aqueous zinc-ion batteries. Energy & Environmental Science. Advance online publication.
Rechargeable aqueous metal-ion batteries are very promising because of their green and safe inherent features as alternative energy storage devices during the post-lithium-ion era. Aqueous zinc ion batteries (ZIBs) have been studied extensively among different aqueous metal ion batteries recently due to some unique and outstanding benefits of ZIBs that promise for large-scale power storage systems. However, zinc anode problems in ZIBs such as zinc dendrite and side reactions severely shorten ZIB's cycle lifetime, thus restricting their practical application. Here, we sum up in detail recent progress of general strategy to suppress zinc dendrite and zinc anode side reactions based on advanced material and structure design including the modification of planar zinc electrode surface layer, internal structural optimization of zinc bulk electrode, modification of the electrolyte and construction of the multifunctional separator. The various functional materials, structures and battery efficiency are discussed. Finally, the challenges for ZIBs are identified in their production of functional zinc anodes.
This is the final draft, after peer-review, of a manuscript published in Energy and Environmental Science. The published version is available online at
1754-5692 (print)
1754-5706 (online)
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National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 51771058)
National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no.11474047)
National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 51801030)
Pearl River Talent Program of Guangdong Province (Grant no. 2017GC010030)
Guangdong Province Universities and Colleges Pearl River Scholar Funded Scheme (Grant no. 2018A030310571)
One-hundred Young Talents (Class A) of Guangdong University of Technology (Grant no. 220413198)
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National Natural Science Foundation of China
Pearl River Talent Program of Guangdong Province
Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Providence
Guangdong University of Technology
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