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2023Developing resilience online: Evaluation of synchronous and asynchronous resilience interventions for Filipino college studentsHechanova, Maria Regina H.; Jocson, Rosanne M. ; Alianan, Arsenio; Santos, Junix Jerald I. Delos; Manaois, Jason O.; Gomez, Gilda A.; Lamzon, Gina R.
2023Heterogeneity in children at risk of math learning difficultiesMunez, David ; Bull, Rebecca; Lee, Kerry; Ruiz, Carola
2023Soil moisture observations from shortwave infrared channels reveal tornado tracks: A case in 10-11 December 2021 tornado outbreakWang, Jingyu ; Lin, Yun; McFarquhar, Greg M.; Park, Edward; Gu, Yu; Su, Qiong; Fu, Rong; Lee, Kee Wei; Zhang, Tianhao
2023Optimal orientations of vertex-multiplications of trees with diameter 4Wong, Willie Han Wah; Tay, Eng Guan 
2023Upcycling of phosphogypsum waste for efficient zinc-ion batteriesWang, Huanwen; Luo, Can; Qian, Yinyin; Yang, Caihong; Shi, Xiaojun; Gong, Yansheng; Wang, Rui; He, Beibei; Jin, Jun; Tang, Aidong; Ang, Edison Huixiang ; Yang, Huaming
2022Mobility as memory: Refiguring temporal and spatial mobility in Tan Twan Eng's The Gift of RainAng, Ann Su Lee 
2022The poesis and politics of English-es in Singapore: Intersubjective worlding in the poetry of Joshua Ip and Hamid RoslanAng, Ann Su Lee ; Tan, Ian Xing Long 
 2023Associations between infant screen use, electroencephalography markers, and cognitive outcomesLaw, Evelyn C.; Han, Meredith X.; Lai, Zhuoyuan; Lim, Shuping; Ong, Zi Yan; Ng, Valerie; Gabard-Durnam, Laurel J.; Wilkinson, Carol L.; Levin, April R.; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne ; Daniel, Lourdes Mary; Gluckman, Peter D.; Chong, Yap Seng; Meaney, Michael J.; Nelson, Charles A.
2023Computation as a big idea in mathematicsHo, Weng Kin 
 2023Culture, motivation, self-regulation, and the impactful work of Dennis M. McInerneyBembenutty, Hefer; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Allen, Kelly-Ann; King, Ronnel B.; Martin, Andrew J.; Marsh, Herbert W.; Craven, Rhonda G.; Kaplan, Avi; Schunk, Dale H.; DiBenedetto, Maria K.; Datu, Jesus Alfonso D.
Mar-2023An improved lower bound of P (G, L) - P (G, k) for k - assignments LDong, F. M. ; Zhang, Meiqiao
Mar-2023An evaluation of a custom intervention programme to address problematic mobile phone use of youth athletes in Singapore: A hybrid mixed-methods research designOng, Nathanael Chong Hao; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Jeevita S. Pillai; Lim, Harry Ban Teck
Mar-2023The economics of learning: Tradeoffs in student teachers' use of multipurpose digital portfoliosChye, Stefanie Yen Leng ; Zhuo, Mingming; Koh, Caroline ; Liu, Woon Chia 
Mar-2023Productivity, photosynthetic light-use efficiency, nitrogen metabolism and nutritional quality of C4 halophyte Portulaca oleracea L. grown indoors under different light intensities and durationsHe, Jie ; Gan, Shirin Jia Hui; Qin, Lin
 2023The first three decades of gene therapy: An instant updateHoh, Yin Kiong 
 2022Exploring the relationships between instructional leadership and teacher competences: Singapore primary school teachers' perceptionsNguyen, Dong; Ng, David Foo Seong ; Luo, Serena Wenshu; Syifaa Mansor
 2023Rethinking teacher education in pandemic times and beyondLow, Ee Ling 
2023Accelerometer-based physical activity in need satisfaction profiles of schoolchildren: A 3-year follow-upGrasten, Arto; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Huhtiniemi, Mikko; Jaakkola, Timo
2023Oscillating bound states in non-Markovian photonic latticesLim, Kian Hwee; Mok, Wai Keong; Kwek, Leong Chuan 
2023Bridging the gap: Optimising connectivity solutions for an arboreal gliding mammalLee, Rachel S. K.; Mendes, Calebe P.; Liang, Stacey S. Q.; Yang, Vera W. X.; Eng, Delaney K. L.; Ong, Wei Bin; Chua, Yen Kheng; Byrnes, Greg; Lim, Norman (Norman T-Lon) 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3000