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2018Provision of early field experiences for teacher candidates in Singapore and how it can contribute to teacher resilience and retentionNg, Pak TeeLim, Kam MingLow, Ee LingHui, Chenri
2019A longitudinal study on starting teachers’ retention intention: Do pre-teaching work experience and length of working years make a difference?Goodwin, A. LinLow, Ee LingCai, LiYeung, Alexander Seeshing
2019How do teacher affective and cognitive self-concepts predict their willingness to teach challenging students?Low, Ee LingNg, Pak TeeHui, ChenriCai, Li
2020Fiber Bragg grating sensors for clinical measurement of the first metatarsophalangeal joint quasi-stiffnessKong, Veni Pui WahChan, Chi ChiuHeng, Marabelle Li-wenLiu, YiminLeow, YixuanFong, Daniel Tik-Pui
2019Trampoline versus resistance training in young adults: Effects on knee muscles strength and balanceTay, Zhong MingLin, Wei-HsiuKee, Ying HwaKong, Veni Pui Wah
2019Immigrant teachers in Singapore schools: Backgrounds, integration, and diversificationYang, PeidongChow, Lee Tat
2018A new scalable lightweight grouping proof protocol for RFID systemsZhang, WeiQin, ShimingWang, ShengmingWu, LongkaiYi, Baolin
2018Anglo-Indian slang in dictionaries on historical principlesLambert, James
2019Citizen participation as a key enabler for successful public education policies in climate change mitigation in SingaporeWi, Andy Chee Yong
2018Compromise and complicity in international student mobility: The ethnographic case of Indian medical students at a Chinese universityYang, Peidong
2019A survey on the study of real zeros of flow polynomialsDong, F. M., 1962-
2019Position vectors, homologous chromosomesandgamma rays: Promoting disciplinary literacy through Secondary Phrase ListsGreen, ClarenceLambert, James
2018To be more fully human: Freire and ConfuciusTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2019Competence or performance? A Bernsteinian analysis of Basic Competency Assessment in Hong KongTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2018Formatively assessing teamwork in technology-enabled twenty-first century classrooms: Exploratory findings of a teamwork awareness programme in SingaporeKoh, ElizabethHong, HelenTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2019Learning “New” instructional strategies: Pedagogical innovation, teacher professional development, understanding and concernsSilver, RitaKogut, GalynaHuynh, Thi Canh Dien
2018Motivations for volunteering and its associations with time perspectives and life satisfaction: A latent profile approachKee, Ying HwaLi, ChunxiaoWang, John C. K.Muhammad Idzhar Kailani
2018Strengthening support for children and youth in Singapore: A personal therapy approach to training paraprofessional counsellorsKit, Phey LingTang, Peiwen
2018A cross-cultural examination of university students’ motivation toward band and academics in Singapore and the United StatesTan, Leonard Yuh ChaurMiksza, Peter
2017Implementing self-assessment in Singapore primary schools: Effects on students’ perceptions of self-assessmentWong, Hwei Ming
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1652