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Title: Using two tier reflective multiple choice questions to cater to creative thinking
Authors: Boo, Hong Kwen
Ang, Kok Cheng
Issue Date: Nov-2005
Citation: Boo, H. K., & Ang, K. C. (2005, November/December). Using two tier reflective multiple choice questions to cater to creative thinking. Paper presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education Conference, Parramatta, Australia.
Abstract: This paper reports on the results and implications of an exploratory study which arises from concerns that, whilst there have been many changes in the Singapore school curriculum over the past decade or more with teaching strategies specifically developed to encourage pupils to think more creatively and deeply both within and across subject domains, assessment methods and techniques have not always moved forward to address the new thinking skills that pupils have. A specific concern has been with the predominant use of traditional MCQs and, in particular, test items that might create a mis-match of perspectives between the question-setter and the test-taker. In such items, the creative test taker has no avenue to explain his/her reason for choosing a particular option as his/her choice of the answer key. The study involves the use of a modified test instrument (a "reflective" or "two-tier" MCQ) which comprises items from the traditional MCQ with an added second tier which is essentially an open-ended segment which requires pupils to explain the thinking behind their choice of the answer key. The study sample comprises two primary level classes, primary four and six.
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