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2020Fiber Bragg grating sensors for clinical measurement of the first metatarsophalangeal joint quasi-stiffnessKong, Veni Pui WahChan, Chi ChiuHeng, Marabelle Li-wenLiu, YiminLeow, YixuanFong, Daniel Tik-Pui
2019Trampoline versus resistance training in young adults: Effects on knee muscles strength and balanceTay, Zhong MingLin, Wei-HsiuKee, Ying HwaKong, Veni Pui Wah
2019Immigrant teachers in Singapore schools: Backgrounds, integration, and diversificationYang, PeidongChow, Lee Tat
2018A new scalable lightweight grouping proof protocol for RFID systemsZhang, WeiQin, ShimingWang, ShengmingWu, LongkaiYi, Baolin
2018Anglo-Indian slang in dictionaries on historical principlesLambert, James
2019Citizen participation as a key enabler for successful public education policies in climate change mitigation in SingaporeWi, Andy Chee Yong
2018Compromise and complicity in international student mobility: The ethnographic case of Indian medical students at a Chinese universityYang, Peidong
2019A survey on the study of real zeros of flow polynomialsDong, F. M., 1962-
2019Position vectors, homologous chromosomesandgamma rays: Promoting disciplinary literacy through Secondary Phrase ListsGreen, ClarenceLambert, James
2018To be more fully human: Freire and ConfuciusTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2019Competence or performance? A Bernsteinian analysis of Basic Competency Assessment in Hong KongTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2018Formatively assessing teamwork in technology-enabled twenty-first century classrooms: Exploratory findings of a teamwork awareness programme in SingaporeKoh, ElizabethHong, HelenTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2019Learning “New” instructional strategies: Pedagogical innovation, teacher professional development, understanding and concernsSilver, RitaKogut, GalynaHuynh, Thi Canh Dien
2018Motivations for volunteering and its associations with time perspectives and life satisfaction: A latent profile approachKee, Ying HwaLi, ChunxiaoWang, John C. K.Muhammad Idzhar Kailani
2018Strengthening support for children and youth in Singapore: A personal therapy approach to training paraprofessional counsellorsKit, Phey LingTang, Peiwen
2018A cross-cultural examination of university students’ motivation toward band and academics in Singapore and the United StatesTan, Leonard Yuh ChaurMiksza, Peter
2017Implementing self-assessment in Singapore primary schools: Effects on students’ perceptions of self-assessmentWong, Hwei Ming
2017A Confucian perspective of self-cultivation in learning: Its implications for self-directed learningTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2019Neoliberalism as exception: The new high-quality school project in ShanghaiTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2018Promoting productive argumentation through students' questionsPhua, Poh EngTan, Aik-Ling
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1649