A front-end analysis to improve staff performance in an e-learning environment

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The purpose of the study was to determine significant factors that may account for variations in the degree to which teachers use various instructional technologies in a particular educational setting. A Mager and Pipe Performance Analysis Model was used to explain the variations in the use of instructional technology among teachers in the setting.<br><br>The participants in this study consisted of ninety-one SHS teachers in different area of expertise. A total of 69 participants' responses were valid and used in the final analysis.<br><br>Data were gathered using a three-part survey in this study. The first part of the survey measured respondent's perception of the eight considerations, which inhibit his performance in constructing E-Learning environment. The second part of the survey gathered respondents' personal information. Focused interview was also used to encourage respondents to talk freely about a list of questions asked by this researcher.<br><br>The teachers who participated in this survey perceived that instructional technology was beneficial to students and have seen its benefits in enhancing student learning in a classroom. A large proportion of them used different instructional technologies to perform their teaching duties. The finding revealed that the frequently use hardware and software technologies are the computer and software applications such as Microsoft Office. Teacher Training and Skills and Knowledge scales were found to be negatively correlated with the use of instructional technology, however, the other scales have no correlation. There were differences in opinions between the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced computer users with respect to the variables of interest contribution and inhibition use of instructional technology in the teaching-learning process.<br><br>The results of the study indicated that if higher use of instructional technology was to be desired, leadership and support should be present to achieve the objective.