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CeL Apps Newsletter (Discontinued in 2014) [10]  

E-newsletter on mobile applications developed in-house by Centre for e-Learning (CeL)

CJ Koh Professorial Lecture Series [9]  

Each year, outstanding professors in the field of education are hosted by the National Institute of Education under the CJ Koh Professorship in Education programme.

Dr. Ruth Wong Professorship in Teacher Education Lecture Series [2]  

Lecture Series of Dr. Ruth Wong Professorship in Teacher Education

English Language & Applied Linguistics Newsletter [5]  

Superseded by English Language & Literature Newsletter.

English Language & Literature Newsletter (Discontinued in 2005) [8]  

Preceded by: English Language & Applied Linguistics Newsletter.

Enl*ght [9]  

Bi-annual newsletter by the Literature Division of the ELL Academic Group

GPL Newsletter [13]  

This newsletter is published by the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL).

Green Gazette [16]  

"Supporting a culture of environmental sustainability at NIE."

HSSE Online [19]  

HSSE Online is a peer-reviewed electronic journal published by the Humanities and Social Studies Education (HSSE) Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore.

Learning@NIE [5]  

Compilation of pedagogical and instructional practices culled from within NIE.

LibNOW! [20]  

Library newsletter 2011-2017


LIFE@NIE SG ® aims to strengthen NIE's capability and capacity to lead the future of education over the next few years, with a special focus on the five Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs) of: Values and Ethics, Child and Human Development, Science of Learning, Emerging Technologies, and Assessment and Evaluation.

NIE Higher Degrees Distinguished Speaker Series [3]  

Each year, outstanding professors in the field of education and various disciplines are hosted under the NIE Higher Degrees Distinguished Speaker Series. The aim of this series is to stimulate academic discussions and encourage scholarship in critical issues in graduate education and research for Singapore schools and the broader education community.

NIE Journals Quarterly [15]  

Comprises articles from three academic journals published by NIE: Asia Pacific Journal of Education (APJE), Learning: Research and Practice (LRP) and Pedagogies: An International Journal (PED).

NIE News [99]  

Superseded by NIEWS.

NIE Working Paper Brief Series [4]  

The NIE Working Paper Brief Series, launched in 2021, aims to complement the NIE Working Paper Series.

NIE Working Paper Series [21]  

The NIE Working Paper Series is intended for policymakers, school leaders and practitioners with an interest in how theoretical and empirical perspectives inform practice.

NIEWS [21]  

Preceded by NIE News.

OER Knowledge Bites [16]  

E-newsletter by OER that aims to share and discuss education research and issues in the Singapore context.

OER News Flash [18]  

OER News Flash brings to you monthly updates from the Office of Education Research at NIE.

PESS+Issues! [9]  

The PESS+Issues! is a bi-annual newsletter that aims to inform staff and students about the happenings at the Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS) Academic Group. It is devoted to updates on research, teaching, services as well as a celebration of successes in PESS.

ReEd (Research in Education) [23]  

Subsumed under OER News Flash.

Research Brief [37]  

Published from 2009-2014. Continued by Research Brief Series.

Research Brief Series [188]  

2015- . Continues Research Brief (2009-2014).

SingTeach [81]  

SingTeach is an e-magazine for teachers published by the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Bringing together the best of classroom practice and current research in education, SingTeach puts research within the reach of Singapore teachers to inform practice.

Voices [39]  

Published every six months, Voices is produced by NIE student teachers and highlights the latest news and activities of student teachers.

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