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ACIS Plug-In [21]  

CeL Apps Newsletter [10]  

E-newsletter on mobile applications developed in-house by Centre for e-Learning (CeL)

Enl*ght [9]  

Bi-annual newsletter by the Literature Division of the ELL Academic Group

GPL Newsletter [13]  

This newsletter is published by the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL).

Have a Break [12]  

Health Bytes [43]  

HSSE Online [16]  

IDEAS [1]  

LibNOW! [20]  

Library newsletter 2011-2017

Maths Buzz [21]  

NIE News [99]  

NIE Working Paper Brief Series [3]  

The NIE Working Paper Brief Series, launched in 2021, aims to complement the NIE Working Paper Series.

NIEWS [19]  

"NIE News has been renamed as NIEWS".

OER Knowledge Bites [16]  

E-newsletter by OER that aims to share and discuss education research and issues in the Singapore context.

React [41]  

ReEd (Research in Education) [23]  

Subsumed under OER News Flash (OER News Flash March 2019 email announcement)

Research Brief [37]  

Published from 2009-2014. Continued by Research Brief Series.

Research Brief Series [171]  

2015- . Continues Research Brief (2009-2014).

SingTeach [80]  

Unwired [10]  

Voices [39]  

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