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2022Creating lifelong learners: Investigating metacognition as support for learning and learning transferTay, Lee Yong; Hung, David; Chan, Melvin Chee Yean; Chong, Sau Kew; Caleon, Imelda S.; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Wu, Longkai
2022The effect of problem solving first vs explicit instruction first on math learningLee, Ngan Hoe 
2022A study on a model of in situ professional development: Contexts, conditions and impactLee, Shu-Shing; Tay, Lee Yong; Ho, Jeanne Marie Pau Yuen; Goh, Sao-Ee; Chang, Qizhong; Lim, Seok Lai; Yap, Boon Chien; Lau, Chor Yam; Chew, Chong Kiat; Kalaivani Ramachandran; Jang, Hari; Chia, Alexius Ti Yong
2022Maker-centered multidisciplinary learning – Preparing future ready learners in Singapore schools for learning to learnTeo, Beng-chong; Koh, Hon Jia
2022By teaching we learnChoy, Ban Heng ; Dindyal, Jaguthsing; Yeo, Joseph B. W.; Seto, Cynthia; Choon, Ming Kwang
2022Effectiveness of teacher leaders in Singapore: Context, construct and causalityHairon Salleh; Goh, Jonathan 
2022Building a culture of collaboration and listening pedagogy in classrooms through lesson study for learning community (LSLC): An exploratory study in a primary school in SingaporeChoy, Ban Heng ; Lee, Christine Kim-eng; Goh, Rachel Swee Peng; Ng, Betsy Ling Ling; Aneesah Abdul Latife; Lai, Jason; Poon, Pei Ping
2022Impacts of a socio-cognitive and motivation-and-learning (SCML) approach on students’ writing quality and reception of self-directed and collaborative learningCheung, Yin Ling ; Choy, Doris
2022Fostering 21st century competencies among lower progress learnersde Roock, Roberto; Weninger, Csilla
2022Facilitating flow in band: Learning with joy in the 21st centuryTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur; Wang, John Chee Keng; Chian, Zason Lit Khoon; Leong, Wei Shin; Ee, Rachel; Chew, Winnie
2022Using immersive technology for social and emotional learningTan, Marcus Cheng Chye ; Chye, Stefanie Yen Leng
2022Bridging self-directed learning and collaborative learning to nurture Chinese language communicative skills of young pupilsWong, Lung Hsiang; Aw, Guat Poh 
2022Calculus for teaching and learning (CASTLE): An exploratory studyToh, Tin Lam ; Toh, Pee Choon ; Teo, Kok Ming; Zhu, Ying; Tan, Victor; Tang, Wee Kee
2022Exploring domain-specific creativityKozhevnikov, Maria
2022Using curriculum-ideas analytics to promote student agency in collaborative discussionTeo, Chew Lee; Chan, Melvin Chee Yeen
2022How to bring computational thinking into mathematics classrooms: Designing for disciplinary-specific computational thinkingLooi, Chee-Kit ; Huang, Wendy; Ho, Weng Kin ; Seow, Peter Sen Kee
2022CORE 2018: A quantitative study of teaching and learning in Singapore classroomsChan, Melvin Chee Yeen; Aryadoust, Vahid; Nie, Youyan
2021Nurturing positivity and resilience in Singapore schools: Development and evaluation of an arts-based positive psychology intervention toolkit.Caleon, Imelda S.; Costes-Onishi, Pamela Grace; Nur Qamarina Ilham
2021Navigating diversities and differences in Singapore schools: An exploratory study of Singapore’s students’ intercultural mindedness.Teng, Siao See; Mardiana Abu Bakar; Layne, Heidi
2021“Sebutan baku sounds nicer but the other pronunciation sounds more natural”: Secondary three Malay language students’ relationship with sebutan baku.Mukhlis Abu Bakar 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 188